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Old site news (Latest first)

  • Dedee Hand-cut vellum by Karl Clay Check InkedForaCause site for some behind the scenes support.
  • The Anjana Network site has an interesting article titled The Rebirth of Dedee Pfeiffer. Rebirth is how she views her change of vocation. As an actor, Dedee has entertained, influenced and helped many people, each a little bit. The difference now is that she will help a few people - a lot.
  • Dedee may have kicked the smoking habit but she understands that her old film and tv fans can't resist a 'Dedee fix' so check out this simply delicious interview by the superb artist Karl Clay at Access Mundane.
  • Fear not fans. This site is a valuable resource for those who belatedly recognise Dedee's great acting work and want to know more. Far too many people search Google for info on Dedee every day for this site to fade away. There's still plenty of her work to catch up with, archives to trawl and clips to convert now most surf by on their phones. Meanwhile, check out the Arrow Films 25th Anniversary DVD of Vamp for Disk2 and an awesome interview about the film that really started everything. One day, who knows, she may return to us for THE definitive interview and even The Tub will be just one click away to watch and cry over.
  • No news - is good news; when it comes to Dedee nowadays. We can't follow her new career, but we can thank her for the inspiration and entertainment she has given all of us.
  • Added photo from the 2003 LA Brides issue.
  • Can't get to see the The Tub at festival? Check out the clips in the editing section of TenStrongMenStudios.
  • The Secret at Arrow Lake "diversion" is to be released on DVD on 7th June.
  • Added a page on the great GZ magazine interview.
  • Last year - great excitement when Amazon.com and other internet booksellers started listing a new book on Dedee Pfeiffer. Huge disappointment to find it was/is only a publish-on-demand printout by Alphascript publishing of some public domain internet resources from the likes of wikipedia.
  • The international Dedeefan meet at the Great British Beer Festival at London's Earls Court in August last year went off as well as to be expected in that no one can remember much about how they got back to their accommodations.
  • Gorezone revamped as GZ magazine have a very special feature on a "reVamped" Dedee in their December issue (#62). Check the newsstands in November.
  • Vckery's Wild Ride (this site) has been renamed to Jack's Family Adventure by the Hallmark Channel for broadcast on July 17th in the USA.
  • International Dedee fan meet set for London in August. Keeper suggests the GBBF as venue.
  • Linked in the Gorezone Interview page (Issue #51).
  • Thought Dedee has been behind the camera too much lately? The IMDB has a listing for a production called L.A., I Hate You in which she plays the great bane of all actors - the Casting Director. Yeah.
  • Dedee was interviewed at the "Unity For Peace" Benefit Concert Event on March 12th. Check out the video at maximotv. Playfully messing about with her husband she was smartly ambushed with a deep question about how to prevent young celebrities from losing their sense of proportion in life.
  • Added a stylish picture from 2007.
  • Watch out for Vickery's Wild Ride on the Hallmark Channel.
  • What of last year? Dedee seems to have been really busy with her family and working behind the camera producing. As for us, sadly we lost Pongo, author of our web site constitution that has guided us for the last 13 years; RIP. Bugly did a special "sample" run of "I love Dedee Pfeiffer" coffee mugs which he kindly sent to some of us. Maybe we should do some dedee.org mugs in return.
  • For UK fans The Hallmark Channel film called The Wilderness Family has been re-titled to Vickery's Wild Ride and is scheduled on Channel 5 at 3.05pm on Thursday 19th November.
  • For UK fans Jump The Shark is scheduled on ITV2 for the 24th May.
  • Catch the CW network at 9pm EST Thursday 23rd April for the Jump The Shark episode of the Supernatural series.
  • Got a PS3? Fancy a new theme?
  • Added a page for the film - Fix. Due for DVD release in Australia.
  • Things to look out for in the new year - a Hallmark Channel film called The Wilderness Family (Notice), Ranch Studios' Mia's Father (a quicky) and the IMDB shows Dedee has followed up her "muse" and is listed as producer to an enterprise titled Laredo which features her For Your Love pal Tamala Jones.
  • Added a page on the Haunted episode of ER Sorry to some as it includes a picture of Dedee smoking a cigarette. I thought of posting up the photo I was sent of Dedee apparently eating a massive chicken leg but considered that would start a debate too far. (A real chicken but not the real Pfeiffer. A good lookalike though - anyone want her address?)
  • Dedee filming something new or just out for a ride?
  • The 4th Series of Cybill is released on DVD in the UK on August 4th and a box set of all series on September 1st. Quite why this show has only a "best of" release on DVD in the USA is a mystery.
  • Added a page on Journey to the Center of the Earth. Great fun.
  • Updated the Filmography with page on Prince & Pauper.
  • Dedee teamed up with those wayward "kids" at the Global Asylum Company to do another "mockbuster." This one based on Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth.
  • Updated the title photo.
  • A reminder that the 3rd Series of Cybill is released on DVD in the UK on May 3rd.
  • Julien's Summer Entertainment Sale: 21st June: Lot 218 of 410: A pair customized Levis jeans, color Polaroid of Dedee, with February 2002 issue of Playboy. Winning bid:$125
  • A few frequently given answers about the site -
    • We'll do some .flv clips, but we don't need any Flash. The site is about the wonderful Dedee and anything else is an unnecessary distraction. Besides more people are surfing here on their mobile phones so it is best to keep things simple.
    • Dedee is our inspiration too so join the gang.
    • I'm sorry I'm lagging and haven't got back to you.
    • I don't know what project Dedee is working on next.
    • I don't have her email address. Anyway how could I tell it was really her and not some teasing rascal?
    • We are not affiliated to those on Amazon / Ebay that sell "I Love Dedee" T-Shits. But maybe we should.
  • Updated the page on Alien v Hunter,
  • Check the new trailers for the edgy film "FIX."
  • Added pages for Alien v Hunter, Without a Trace and Burn Notice.
  • Someone did really well getting Dedee onboard for this "FIX." There's a trailer for the film on this official site but it is not really office / school friendly so keep the sound level down or you'll get into trouble viewing it.
  • The Asylum site has a post production notice for Alien vs Hunter . Long overdue that we saw "Dedee being hunted down by aliens" opined my anonymous hint dropper on this one. So then, an Alien / Predator clone with Pfeiffer... awesome!
  • So did you miss Dedee in the Burn Notice episode on 12th July too? Ha... well while we wait until it comes round again they have a "Two Minute Replay" video from the Fight or Flight episode on the usanetwork site.
  • Dedee's Back! Added a photo of Dedee's back taken at the LA premier of the film Hairspray in which Michelle features. Also the best photo of the two of them together since 1999 at the premier of The Sky is Falling.
  • Some more pictures from the same event at superiorpics.
  • SarahS says that the exposay.com site has pictures of Dedee with her "natural hair" color attending the 6th Annual Comedy For A Cure benefit hosted by the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance held at the Music Box Theatre, Hollywood on April 1st.
  • The second series of Cybill is due for its DVD release on 31st March in the UK - now delayed again to 2nd July 2007.
  • Added a page for the Special Thanks to Roy London documentary.
  • The new film Seventeen & Missing is due to be broadcast on February 3rd at 8:00pm on the Lifetime Movie Network channel.
  • Great news, two new Dedee films to look out for in the new year: Seventeen & Missing (working title Vivid Dreams) and A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper.
  • The second series of Cybill has had its DVD release postponed for some inexplicable reason. Let us hope that the copyright proprietors have deemed it best to issue a boxed set of all series together.
  • Last year this site had its tenth birthday and I was asked how it had lasted so long when other "fan tribute" sites had fallen away. I think its because Dedee collects new fans all the time whenever she is "discovered" as the "babe", "tramp", "vampire", or "murderer".
  • The Palm Beach Post Staff Writer on Sunday, November 12, 2006, has Dedee filming at the G-Star Studios in suburban WPB. Production started last month on a Sony Pictures movie titled The Prince and the Pauper with Cole and Dylan Sprouse, the stars of Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
  • The IMDB reports the film titled Vivid Dreams to have completed its post production phase. Filmed up in Vancouver BC its looking good. The blurb says - "Emilie Janzen (Dedee Pfeiffer) has always had a strange intuition and talent for seeing the truth in people. But what Emilie didn't see coming is the disappearance of her 16-year-old daughter, Lori. Waking visions of Lori being abducted begin to haunt Emilie, placing clairvoyant clues that eventually lead Emilie to where her daughter is being held. That is, if Lori is still alive. And the clock is ticking..."
  • Missed CSY:NY episode Open and Shut broadcast on the 25th October 2006 on CBS. "A woman (guest star Dedee Pfeiffer) shoots a man in her apartment after he killed her husband, or so she claims." Unfortunately, if you are surfing in from outside the USA you can't legally view the episode online from the linked Innertube site.
  • Missed out again. Oh well, watch out for the re-run of the Dead Zone episode Into the Heart of Darkness where Dedee reprises the role of the "headcase" Linda from the Collector episode form the previous series. Marvelous.
  • The DVD release of the second series of Cybill has been delayed until 4th December in the UK.
  • Its rare for the USA to play catch up to the UK on a DVD release but the 1st series of the excellent Cybill series is on sale in the UK and the 2nd series is released on June 19th from Anchor Bay Entertainment.
  • For ten years, fans from around the world have cyber-stalked the wonderful Dedee Pfeiffer through this web site. In 1996 we were among the pioneers in hosting movie files so that new people could get a taste of Dedee's work. The site was designed for the slow dial up modem speeds of the time but now that most people surf in on a broadband tide we can re-format some of the content.
  • Added a spontaneous photo of Dedee from the 1990 premier of Red Surf . Dedee was captured standing by one of the original posters. Such a rare collectors item now.
  • Added some pages to the Filmography links.
  • Catch Dedee in the Wanted series on the new ITV4 channel in the UK - broadcast Tuesdays and repeated Thursdays.
  • Check the full interview (mentioned below) in the magazine or on the Steppin' Out web site.
  • A snipping from the New York Daily News gossip columns has Dedee regretting her 2002 playboy shoot because she "wasn't able to do any press for it"! Setting aside that her stunt nearly bankrupted this site from extra traffic charges, you may wonder what she is talking about. I'm not allowed to disclose dedee.org's access statistics (article 2 again) but I can show what the implications were for her publicity profile from that lack of press and her poor timing - from the latest IMDB star chart. Note the huge profile peak when she got her kit off in 2002 (to #110) but, as she points out, having got married and pregnant she couldn't then surf the wave. Too late now.
  • Check out a cell phone interview where Dedee mentions that her Dead Zone role is being reprised (great, because that character is dangerously messed up) and how her parts lately have been anything but light.
  • Link to the TNT Wanted series web site.
  • USA networks have a great web site for The Dead Zone. Look into the Web Exclusive area for an awesome interview with Dedee about her role in The Collector episode . They have also posted the original story treatment and the full script so we gain a rare insight into the production process and Dedee's commitment to it. Fascinating stuff.
  • Is it true that Dedee gets eaten alive by sharks in Blue Demon? Find out when the DVD goes on sale on September 20, 2005 by First Look Pictures.
  • Also keep watch for a guest star spot in The Dead Zone season four starting on Sunday 12th June at 10:00pm in the USA.
  • Even better news, Dedee is to feature weekly in the new TNT (Turner Network Television) series called WANTED starting on Sunday 31st July at 10:00pm in the USA. It stars Gary Cole as a SWAT team veteran who runs a covert criminal snatch squad while contending with the duties of fatherhood. Guess who plays his wife - think he goes to work for a rest?
  • Great news, Dedee has just finished filming on a Glen Stephens production called Hoboken Hollow somewhere in Texas. Labelled (so far) as a horror flick based on real events, Dedee plays a woman called Rhonda. (Victim, bystander or perpetrator?)
  • Updated the CSI: Swap Meet episode page with some frame grabs.
  • Added a cutting from the LA Times from 1992 about one of Dedee's early appearances on stage - in M.L. Kessler's "The Strains of Affection" at the Court Theatre. Has anyone any photographs from this production that they could share?
  • Added another great photo to the monochrome gallery.
  • Updated the page on A Killer Within with a few frame grabs. A superb preview DVD is still available from the official movie web site.
  • I have noticed that people consistently search for things that were in this site news section but are now on the site history stack. Long ago, for a very good reason that I can no longer remember, I excluded search engines from indexing the site history. Any comments?
  • Watch out for a pilot called Rush.
  • Updated the Filmography.
  • Added a page on the film Blue Demon. A political soap box thriller for Dedee that crept in over our sonar .
  • Added a page on A Killer Within. Check out the film web site - they have a limited number of pre-release DVDs available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Added a page on the CSI : Swap Meet episode. This is a gem of an episode for a classic series with Dedee in a saucy role.
  • Updated the One On One: I Hear White People episode page.
  • A Kiss so Deadly has been released on DVD in the USA as of today - May 4th.
  • The new movie - A Killer Within has a web site. Unfortunately none of the five movie clips on the site features Dedee. Think we should complain?
  • Added the clipping of the Wild Pfeiffer article from Femme Fatales magazine.
  • Back in June of 2002, nature caught up with Dedee and set her to nurturing. One fan said that our "ride was over" and that Dedee would turn her back on "The Industry." Others said "wait", that "acting is in her blood" and she "has a family to keep - she'll be back to work." So then - what has been happening? Look below for some things to look out for, we have some catching up to do!
  • Dedee is featured in the Femme Fatales magazine Jan 2004 issue. Scans are required.
  • Keep watch for news of a new feature film called A Killer Within currently in production.
  • Dedee played Colleen Bay in the episode "I Hear White People" of the Series One on One broadcast on November 4th 2003.
  • Feedback on hits: The Sky is Falling has become the most popular Dedee flick.
  • Heeding a comment that the Filmography page was "too flat" I have updated it with lots of thumbnail pictures. I think it is a big improvement as it clearly shows the hard work Dedee has put in over the years for our entertainment.
  • Added two pictures to the monochrome photo page.
  • Added a page on the episode of Hotel made in 1985. Includes a small .mpg for those in need of a taste of Dedee. (See below)
  • I was invited to buy a vial of Dedee spittle! Are you thinking what I thought? What on earth would one do with a vial of spit? But then - maybe this is the new fad in California. Perhaps instead of getting autographs of your favorite celebrity, you now invite them to spit into a waxed paper cup, specially sold for the purpose from street side kiosks at big events. But how valuable would Dedee's spittle be? How much should be bid? Value can depend on rarity but supposing Dedee is lavish with her saliva. Maybe she makes a habit of spitting on pavements and gobbing out of car windows. Or would one have to sneak up on her while asleep on the sofa to collect dribble in a test tube. Was this how the sample was come by? And what for authenticity? It could be fake and contain the DNA of a water-buffalo! So then, what proof that the sample was genuine? The answer was that it - "glows in the dark." The real thing then!?
  • Updated the For Your Love episode listing.
  • Updated the Filmography page.
  • The Sky is Falling is doing well on the cable movie channels but still no sign of a North American DVD release.
  • Yes - added some grabs from the Friends episode.
  • Dedee appeared in Friends broadcast on 10th October playing Joey's date. Can anyone supply any grabs from this show?
  • Picture right: Dedee all dressed up to see the premier of White Oleander with her sister.
  • Added some .mp3 samples and details of how to get a CD for those of us who enjoyed Michael Park's music from The Sky is Falling.
  • Great news. Dedee gave birth to a 7 lb, 11oz boy named Braxten on Sunday 23rd of June. Sorry I'm so late posting this news. For the last few weeks I have been pondering why the hit rate on the site peaked over one day. Then some kindly fans emailed to tell me what they had been looking for all along. That is the way the site works (or you can just call me useless).
  • TIME FOR DEDEE : Some wag has been making wall clocks. Hmmm... tacky maybe, but I think I'll get one and put it up at work to cheer up my time there. I'll see if I can get a link to the source.
  • Updated the episode guide on the For Your Love page. The TV people seem to be attempting to cause maximum confusion as to when they will be airing the last episodes.
  • Joe "Stills" Glickman took some fine pictures of Dedee on the set of Radical Jack (right). See them all at Crystal Horizon. (Follow the talent link.)
  • Added the movie trailer to The Sky is Falling page. Note that the trailer is in MPEG4 format and that Windows users may need to update the supplied media player with a new MPG4 decoder. Linux users should not have any problems.
  • Apparently we have missed a good magazine feature on Dedee from the summer of 2001 published in the USA. Our reporter was leaning over another shoulder at the time and didn't see the title. Anyone know more?
  • Added a Cuttings page for the Playboy article. It seems that for many of you, the real Pfeiffer was not laid bare at all. Without her famous smile, the role of naughty bimbo was just that: another acting part and not really her. Back numbers of the magazine are still available and more pictures can be seen on the Playboy site, though don't blame me if your company firewall computer reports you to the boss.
  • Awesome traffic last month (Feb.) and we would have survived it but for me botching a server setting which resulted in nearly 24 hours downtime. Sorry.
  • FAQ time.
    • Question: Why don't you mention all the charity work that Dedee does. Site keeper: She has done a lot for good causes, mostly for animals, but is it beyond the remit of this site? You tell me.
    • Question: Who are Dedee fans? Site keeper: 60/40% Male/Female and USA/World.
    • Question: What is Dedee's best film. Site keeper: That is a matter of opinion, but here are the current top six counting the latest page hits . (Bracketed figures are cumulative positions over time. TV series are excluded as they get the most hits obviously.)
      • 1 (4) The Sky is Falling 1998 - Dedee at her finest.
      • 2 (-) To Hell and Back 2000 - The life and times of Meat Loaf.
      • 3 (1) A Kiss so Deadly 1996 - TVM shown all the time.
      • 4 (-) Radical Jack 2000 - Feisty jaunt with B.R.Cyrus.
      • 5 (2) Double Exposure 1993 - A mystery with a popular twist.
      • 6 (3) Running Cool 1993 - A biker culture classic.
      • (5) Vamp 1986 - A curious cult film.
      • (6) The Allnighter 1987 - Perhaps the first of its genre.
    • Question: Will you post up the Playboy scans? Site keeper: You want perhaps some titbits to encourage you to buy a copy of the magazine? (Feb2002 Issue). It depends on bandwidth, Dedee's escapade has caught us unprepared.
    • Question: What is Dedee working on now? Site keeper: If I knew, I'd post it up. If you know - then do share.
  • For Your Love returns to the WB on January 13th.
  • Michelle's expressionAdded a snipping from Entertainment Online containing the astounding news that sometime - three months ago - Dedee got married again! The ETonline site does contain a video clip of the TV broadcast feature but it is in a proprietary format which excludes some non-Microsoft users from viewing it. Anyway, appearing in front of a plain background, probably to disguise her whereabouts or details of her new husband, Dedee did an imitation of Michelle's expression when she told Michelle of her latest exploits.
  • Treated some link rot. Subsumed GF's original Home Page companion site now lost to the net and so updated the pictures and filmography pages. Put the current broadcast listings links on this page for convenience. Posted the realmedia file of a chat from 1998 also thought lost.
  • Want a good reason for buying the February 2002 (USA) issue of Playboy magazine? Only our favorite actress has done a pictorial. Dedee wearing nothing but a smile - it can only be her birthday treat for us this year.
  • Great news, The Sky is Falling is to be on Showtime 1st, 5th, 14th & 27th and on Starz 6th, 10th & 21st September. The Hong Kong (all regions) DVD is also doing well from all the sale items on Ebay recently. This disk has the original trailer but unfortunately no commentary by the director or producers.
  • Updated the page on The Sky is Falling. Having seen it myself at long last, I agree with those who described it as a lovely film.
  • The Sky is Falling is available video-on-demand in Australia. Any feedback from fans in .au would be appreciated.
  • Added a news item about the new Kelsey Grammer project called Neurotic Tendencies. Keep watch for the pilot, it sounds fascinating.
  • Updated the For Your Love page episode listing.
  • Check the pictures section at the IMDB site for a selection of snaps of Dedee at the ACE awards. Stunning outfit.
  • Dedee was one of the presenters at the 51st ACE (American Cinema Editors ) Awards on February 25th. Anyone know more on this?
  • Talking of prizes, did you know that Dedee, to this day, still holds the title to the "Most Filthy Dirty Underwear in a Motion Picture?" Awarded in 1989 for her role in the film Brothers in Arms where she played the part of a girl who gets abducted and held prisoner by some weird mountain men. Held for five weeks without a change of clothes, or a wash, and about to be raped (all in a days work for your Hollywood actress) she was given the grubbiest underpants ever to wear. This valiant attempt by the director to make a 23 year old Pfeiffer appear undesirable was well noted by the critics at the time.
  • For Your Love returns to the WB on March 11th.
  • For Your Love is due back on the WB in mid March and not January as I noted before.
  • Does Dedee smoke? She did, but of late, I do not know. Certainly some roles have called for her to puff. Perhaps she should know that this question keeps coming up.
  • Updated the Filmography page with additions for Meat Loaf : To Hell and Back and some catch up items on Donny & Marie and Late Late talk show appearances.
  • Take a look at the trailer for the film Radical Jack at the Edgewood Studios site.
  • Sorry that this site has been inaccessible to some over the last few days (20th Oct).
  • The new season of For Your Love started October 8th and The WB have also updated their web page for the show.
  • VH1 has put up a page about Meat Loaf : To Hell and Back. The second video clip, Trouble in Paradise features Dedee. There may be more.
  • The first WB episode of For Your Love quietly makes its debut on British television : Sunday 05:05BST 23rd July on Channel 4.
  • Catch Dedee on VH1 - The List show on Monday June 19th at 19:00 repeating 21st 13:30.
  • VH1 has scheduled To Hell and Back for Wednesday July 26th at 21:00EDT.
  • Watch out for To Hell and Back: The Meat Loaf Story directed by Jim McBride and starring W.Earl Brown as Meat Loaf and Dedee as his wife Leslie. Expect it to broadcast first on VH1.
  • Updated the episode listing on For Your Love to complete the third series. The show will be returning next autumn on the WB channel.
  • Dedee's original signed contract for her role as Mary Masterson on The Midnight Hour back in 1985 was recently auctioned on the net valued at $75. Fascinating stuff. Maybe the new owner would like to write in.
  • Added a new fan's photo to the autographed photos collection.
  • Recently I was asked to write to Dedee to inquire if she would allow a "webcam" to be installed in her shower. This, "for free and no charge." I couldn't do as requested because I do not have her email address but I feel sure she would have given the scheme the serious consideration it deserved. Nice one Oglher!
  • There is a new poster for The Sky is Falling. Check it out at the Showcase Entertainment site. I defy anyone not to tip their head over when they look at it. Okay, they got me, but are you made of sterner stuff? (And hitting rotate is cheating)
  • Dedee appeared on the drDrew.com show last November. A show about physical, mental and emotional health which aims to help viewers gain essential perspectives on life by having celebrities share their experiences. Unfortunately of course, Dedee was able to impart first hand knowledge of the trauma of witnessing violent suicide and more recently the upsets of getting divorced. On a lighter side, she also confided about having a much prettier younger sister - Lori. (Michelle's gripe too). The full video of the show is at the drDrew site. Disappointingly the formats are both streamed so it can be inconvenient if you have a slow link or have to pay by the minute for your connection.
  • Two comments gratefully heeded. Firstly, there was no picture of the whole cast of For Your Love. There is now. Second, that the old news should not be deleted and lost each update. I have now linked to the history stack at the end of this section.
  • Sister Michelle was along to see The Sky is Falling have its Los Angeles premier in November. Added this photo to the pictures page.
  • Updated the episode listing on the For Your Love page. Added the short interview with Dedee from Bikini (USA) and rearranged the clippings section.
  • Check the page at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival site for a video clip from the tantalizing - The Sky is Falling.
  • Big time news. Dedee and Greg Fein have agreed to go their separate ways and are to get divorced. They part on friendly terms so I guess visitation rights to the animals shouldn't be a problem. Except maybe Frack the iguana, who will always be a problem.
  • Here we are, ensconced in our new home, and at such an apt address for a bunch of international cyber-skiving Pfeiffer watchers. No need to bookmark it, just type dedee.org into your browser when you feel the need. Why the sudden move? I had made plans to move site at the end of the millennium but the recent hit rate has been too much for the old host.
  • Dedee is featured in the November issue of Bikini magazine (USA).
  • People have been selling autographed pictures. These are some we know about. Any more?
  • The Sky is Falling is to have its west coast premiere at the 22nd Annual Mill Valley Film Festival in Mill Valley, California on October 16th.
  • For Your Love has a new time slot on Fridays at 8:30 on WB starting on 24th September. TV Guide lists the big news - "While Sheri and Dean are trying to conceive a baby, they find themselves with a full-grown teen on their hands - she's Sheri's 16-year-old sister, Amber (not yet cast), who ran away from home and 'has plenty of attitude and problems,' says executive producer Yvette Lee Bowser. Amber is 'down on love and marriage and will let us explore the dark side of life a little,' Bowser says."[Just the ticket.]
  • Billy Ray Cyrus commented on a love scene with Dedee for the film Radical Jack; "I had that page memorized better than everything I was doin' in the movie, but when it started, my mind was everywhere else." In an article published in the Los Angeles Daily News Dedee is reported to have said of the scene, "It was not the stereotypical, `Let's get these two actors together and just simulate this whole thing' type of love scene. Billy is one of the sweetest, kindest men I've ever met. When we went to do the scene, he was very nervous, and watching this man who was very vulnerable made me very vulnerable. That usually doesn't happen with love scenes because everybody's so conscious. ... Actors usually work out for months before they rip off their shirt in a love scene. Billy's not any of that, because he's not an actor. It was so refreshing and so sweet. ... He enabled me to be vulnerable in this scene not only as a woman, but as an actor." [So then, what can fans glean from all this? Well, I think she gets her shirt off. Excellent!]
  • Dedee signing shirtA Dodgers Annual Hollywood Stars Game jersey autographed by Dedee was sold for $100 on ebay recently.
  • Added a publicity picture to the page on King's Ransom.
  • To the person who emailed with a query on Deadly Past - I am unable to reply because your return address bounces. Meanwhile I have been reminded to put up some frame grabs.
  • Updated the episode listing on the For Your Love page.
  • News of Pfeiffer's next project from the Hollywood Reporter - Country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus will play ex-CIA gun runner Jack Reynolds in "Radical Jack," written and directed by James Bradley ("Two 11"). Dedee Pfeiffer ("Falling Down") is playing Cyrus' love interest, Kate, who is a barmaid. Peter Beckwith's Perilous Film Co. is producing the low-budget indie film, which will start lensing in New England in June. Running away from his beleaguered past in an attempt to recover his sanity, Cyrus' character moves from one small town to the next. While working as a bartender in a New England burg, his former life catches up with him.
  • The British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mirror recently did a feature called "Meet the sis-stars". The picture they chose of Dedee with references to cheeky tattoos and nipple rings certainly swelled our hit rate from the UK. The same picture is also in the June issue of Esquire magazine so scamper off to your local newsstand.
  • Sky was shown at the International Film Festival in Washington, DC on 26th April. The Filmfest DC99 site contains a still of Dedee and Laura Leighton from the film.
  • To speed the loading of this page the General Links and awards section has been moved to a separate page.
  • The Sky is Falling premiered at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in Austin, Texas on the 13th March. Accounts from this event signify that we are in for a real treat with this independent production. It is described as a touching and humorous introspective of a young woman, Emily Hall (Dedee), and her struggle to discover why life is worth living. The title comes from a sub-plot. As an offset to poor Emily's out-of-control life, news media within the film keep up with an errant foreign satellite about to crash to earth. Would it be just her luck to have it fall right on her head? While we wait for this film to pick up a suitable distribution deal check out this first review by Peter Blood of AICN.
  • Let us know if you notice Sky in other film festivals or have any information on the soundtrack on which several people at SXSW commented.
  • We won another award. Thanks for the votes folks.
  • Sorry, but still no news of the long awaited film - The Sky is Falling. Remember, if you find out something, it will be your turn to contribute.
  • Added a digitally colorized photo to the pictures page.
  • Keep Thursdays free for Dedee on For Your Love.
  • Added a few nice grabs from the 3rd series of Cybill.
  • The frolicsome character of Sheri on For Your Love has gained Dedee lots of new fans during the last year. Hopefully the new year will see the show get picked up by other broadcasters round the world.
  • Did you know that Dedee is like a bottle of Port? "The older she gets, the more desirable she becomes."
  • Dedee's appearance on the Donny and Marie show was full of revelations. Dedee said that she was really pleased to be on the show and admitted that while growing up, she either wanted to be Marie or that she wanted to marry Donny. Also, when Donny mentioned that he had been looking at her husband's Dedee Home Page, she confessed that she had supplied a copy of the famous poster picture used on it.
  • Cleaned up some link rot and updated the For Your Love page episode listing.
  • All the stars of For Your Love appeared on MTV's Loveline on 23rd November.
  • Added a great new picture of Pfeiffer & Frack. This photo is an ideal test print for any inkjet printer on its glossy paper setting.
  • Updated three video clips from b&w to colour. (Marked new)
  • Dedee was on Donny & Marie Osmond's talk show on FOX on the 25th September. Please, is there anybody out there who taped this show?
  • Dedee answered our little question about Frik the missing iguana - on The Tonight Show ! Wow!
  • Treated some link rot on the For Your Love page and added a talk show listing to the Filmography page.
  • Great news - Dedee is to be a guest on the Tonight show on Friday 11th September. For fans in Europe, highlights of these shows are repeated at the weekends on NBC Europe or CNBC via Satellite (Astra 1D).
  • Included Sandman in the filmography.
  • Updated the episode listings on For Your Love and Cybill pages. Added a new page about the Graham pilot episode and added a video clip from King's Ransom recently broadcast in Germany.
  • At last I got posted the URL to Dedee's chat held on 11th March. This is a wonderfully long chat. It will remind you of why you're a fan. She mentions the new independent film "The Sky is Falling" and tells another of her funny and embarrassing incidents. She also takes the opportunity to clear up our embarrassing debate about her name. Why - it is D.D. Pfeiffer of course. Do try and listen to the RealAudio feed but a warning for those fans around the world (like me) who do not get free local phone calls, this chat lasts an hour. It starts falteringly but with Dedee it soon gets moving so it is well worth your time. So click off to Universal's Hollywood Spotlight Chat and enjoy.
  • Now you can watch Dedee on DVD. Red Surf is to be released on DVD format on 26th May.
  • The last series of Cybill starts in the UK on Channel 4 on 15th May. After the ratio of "fruit and nuts" in the last series was altered, CBS perceived the show as a different product and moved it to another shelf in the store. Now apparently the cereal (!) has been discontinued. A shame.
  • Updated the Snippings page with a feature about stars and their pets from the US TV Guide. Great picture of Dedee and her gang but sadly there is no mention of Frick. What happened to Frick?
  • Added some great new video clips.
  • Added a "For Your Love" page and a transcript of "Later" for those, like me, who missed all the fun.
  • Rita Sever laughs with Dedee on NBC's "Later" show. See the great grabs on RRhoads' Video Capture Site. Fans say she was "charming" and that this show was a real treat. She spoke of her Disneyland monkey suit fiasco, how she got her latest roles and of an embarrassing moment with Robert Redford. She showed some of her sculptures and brought along a new cast member on "For Your Love" to do some tricks. (I so hope that NBC Europe schedule "Later")
  • For Your Love starts on NBC on the 17th March. See TV Guide.
  • Updated Ellen , AKiss and DExposure pages with a few grabs.
  • So what proof was forthcoming about how to write Dedee's name. My antagonist wrote, "She was on an NBC chat on January 17th. Her name was typed DeDee!" Well, I traced the chat to the NBC site (see snippings) to find that I seem to have got her surname wrong too. According to the chat script it should be "Pfieffer." Smart girl Dedee - but she can't fool us - her name is Fein. Or should that be "Pfein". (Wince)
  • Watch out for the NBC show "Later" on 11th March.
  • For Your Love starts in the USA on NBC on the 17th March - 7:30/8:30pm depending on the time zone.
  • Added a clip from Vamp and the only possible grab from Frankie & Johnny.
  • Treated some link rot and tidied up a bit.
  • Added some grabs from the Seinfeld episode.
  • Check out the blurb on For Your Love on the NBC site and don't miss the mini-bio. Her name is written as DeDee. Eaughh... more proof to those who think that I have written her name wrongly on this site. This perversity with her name spelling or capitalisation may well be a deliberate policy of hers. It has been going on for years. Either she doesn't want people to get a handle on her, or she is just teasing. If Pfeiffer subscribes to the adage - treat fans mean to keep them keen and this is an example - then it is typically cute!
  • A new comedy series from NBC with a working title of For Your Love is of interest. Make sure you read on to page 2 of this TV Guide link.
  • A test for fans. But... your browser needs to support email forms and Java. Java is needed to read the scrolling message and to hear the sound clips. Oh... and the questions are very difficult too. (Grin!)
  • Added a grab from Tune in.
  • Cleared the news deck.
    • Why is there no FAQ?
      FAQ's normally have answers and the site keeper has very few answers, but here are a few questions anyway.
    • What is Dedee up to? Has married life changed her attitude toward acting? What is going on with Rachel on Cybill? Will Rachel move to Boston for ever?
      I believe that our lot is simply to wait and see.
    • She was great on Ellen - will she be back on the show?
      Did you notice that when Lisa brushed off Ellen's advance she said that she was already seeing a home-body called "Rachel". Nice link.
    • Why have you misspelt her name? Her name is Dee Dee!
      This is the kind of email I dread getting. She has had De De, Dee Dee, DeDee and even Dede in one article. (I wrote back to this kindly soul but have yet to get a reply.)
    • Why haven't you got... ?
      If something is not up - then it is your chance to contribute.
  • Added grabs from Toughlove, Wings and Ellen and updated some links on the Cybill page.
  • We have been chosen to be the Celebrity Site of the Day on 25th October.
    Thanks again to those who help with this site.
  • Updated the page on the film Drive again, this time with a couple of grabs.
  • Treated some link rot.
  • The Ellen episode called Social Climber is scheduled for 1st October. It is a TV14.
  • I am told that we must watch the sitcom Ellen. Apparently, at some time, Ellen DeGeneres' character takes a fancy to her gym trainer played by Dedee. Can I just say - good choice Ellen.
  • The new series of Cybill starts on the 15th September on CBS. Keep watch. I am sure we will learn more quirky female perspectives on life from Cybill Shepherd and her band. Dedee's Rachel is preggers again. The last time Rachel was pregnant it took this fan 13 months to find out that Dedee was only acting! :)
  • Added more grabs from Shoot, Dream On and Allnighter.
  • Updated the Cybill page with an episode listing.
  • We got awarded four stars.
  • Took advantage of the summer hibernation of my heating boiler to upload a clip from Dream on. Also added a grab from Shoot.
  • Channel 4 in the UK is to broadcast the 3rd series of Cybill starting from 9.00pm Friday 23rd May. (Only an eight month delay this year so well done Channel 4. I don't think I could have held out much longer.)
  • Updated Snippings and cleared the news deck.
  • Dedee got carried away from Liar Liar by her closest fan. Seen resplendent with blue hair, what could husband Greg have been play-acting here; Superman or Smurf? Dedee's idea? Playing on her foot injury perhaps?
  • Treated some link rot.
  • Sorry about the downtime lately. I removed my boiler circuit from the credits and so it had to teach me a lesson.
  • Sarah Stapley says that Dedee will be going to the premiere of Liar Liar (she likes to see Jim Carrey) on the 18th March at the Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City, LA.
  • Cleared the news deck.
  • In a recent survey to expose Bandwidth Hogs on local hosts, we were listed as culprits in 17th place out of 1400. Hmmm... By complete coincidence, access is now through a bigger pipe so regulars should notice faster response times.
  • Updated the external links on the Cybill page and added some grabs on House3.
  • Added a section for looking up broadcast TV schedules. (Testing the link I found that Deadly Past was on… )
  • Sure Dedee had cut her hair shorter but was it news? Check out a report on CNN. Poor Dedee, what lengths some fans will go to for a lock of her hair.
  • Added a new picture of Dedee (new to me).
  • Added grabs from Double Exposure and Running Cool and made a page for Midnight Caller.
  • The Cybill series returns to the UK's Channel 4 in April.
  • Added grabs from Red Surf and Vamp made a page for Simon & Simon and linked to a new Dedee site in the Czech Republic.
  • The audio clips from the interview on E have been so popular (all of 2 emails) that I have upgraded two to video. (I know about the over-level on sound).
  • Added a clip from Falling Down.
  • Here's a little something for you cyberskivers out there. GET BACK TO YOUR WORK! Only kidding. Why not take some time to relax from your heavy workload with this little sliding block puzzle by Andrew Wilson.
  • Dedee got married on October 13th. The ceremony was top secret and no details have been made public, but as a sop for being so late with this good news, we have a short video clip of Dedee's reaction to getting engaged. How about that?
  • Apologies to those who have been locating these pages through alternative URL's other than www.keeper.co.uk/per/dedee and who suddenly found this site inaccessible. I hope you managed to find us again without too much trouble. I promise this will not happen again in the future.
  • The video clip from Cybill is now available directly in .avi format and not as a .zip archive. It has not changed however.
  • Some audio clips from a feature on the E channel.
  • Dedee was the celebrity guest in an AOL "chat room" on August 20th. Here is the transcript for those without a gateway into the internals of AOL.
  • Check out the news on a film due to air on NBC in October. A Kiss So Deadly
  • Thanks to those who have taken the time to email me. If such correspondence is anything to go by, most of Dedee's fans "got in on her act" pretty early - (from Vamp and Allnighter) and have been "hooked" ever since. It seems that in Europe, the paucity of material has made us especially keen, even making Norwegians cross to England in search of tapes for their "Dedee-kick". However, with her spot on Cybill, she can only gain more new followers.


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