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  • Paul Hyett has a selection of vidcaps of Dedee from various shows & movies (see under the Cybill section) on his activist website.
  • The Dedee Pfeiffer Home Page. Super stuff including a list of her theatre credits.
  • A Dedee Page by Robert in the Czech Republic.
  • A definitive Dedee autograph on The Diver's Autograph Site . Signed in person for Dennis Jones before the premier of Red Surf . (Look in gallery one)
  • A sliding block puzzle by Andrew Wilson.
  • ASCII art by Jonathan Mathews.
  • A test for fans. (Your browser needs email forms and Java)
  • A few notes about playing VHS-NTSC tapes on a PAL System.
  • Remember; All things are linked both near and far, so you can not stir a flower without troubling a star.
  • Should you find any links that no longer work please let me know.

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