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From an "Out to Lunch" spot with Suzanne Sena on E channel, Dedee explains about one "fan" who couldn't place her! (We should apologise for this ineptitude by one of our number.)

File : fantalkc 15.3sec. 160 x 120 : .avi (1667k) or .mp4 (238k) or .flv

Dedee Talks to Rita Sever on NBC's Later show about why she doesn't sculpt "coffee cups and plates".

File : later02c 24.3sec. 160 x 120 : .avi (2662k) or .mp4 (373k) or .flv

Dedee comments on her work and on being recognized.

E channel

File : e-work 16sec. 160 x 120: e-.avi (1672k) or .mp4 (238k) or .flv

More comments on family and career.

E channel

File : e-career 13sec. 160 x 120: .avi (1372k) or .mp4 (195k) or .flv

Her feelings upon getting engaged.

File : engage 2.5sec. 160 x 120: .avi (266k) or .mp4 (41k) or .flv

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Dedee talks about her family and career.

E channel 

File : (Unix Audio)

File : e-didit.wav (Windows)


Did she say water buffalo? Is she crazy?

E channel

File : (Unix Audio)

File : e-water.wav (Windows)



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