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Dean (DW Moffett) gives "it" to Sheri, in public, as her birthday surprise. From the For Your Love series episode called The Gift.

File fyl01c : 29.7sec. 160 x 120 : as .avi (3253k) or .mp4 (470k) or .flv

Rachel scolds Kevin in the Cheerleader / Quarterback sequence from the Cybill series episode called They Shoot Turkeys, Don't They?

The situation is ludicrous, Kevin's grin (Peter Krause) is fervently sheepish, Sean's double-take (Jay Paulson) is perfectly timed and Rachel (Dedee) is simply ….

File dd-badq4 : 32.8sec. 160 x 120 : as .avi (2517k) or .mp4 (525k) or .flv

From the film Falling Down; the start of the classic breakfast at 11.35 sequence at the burger bar. Miss Fulsom declines to serve breakfast - maybe he should have asked for a veg-burger instead.

File falld01b : 25.8sec. 160 x 120 : as .avi (1936k) or .mp4 (404k) or .flv

From the film Running Cool; Bone (Andrew Divoff) shows Michelle how to ride a trike for the first time.

File ddrc10fl : 30.3sec. 160 x 120 : as .avi (2270KB) or .mp4 (482k) or .flv

From the film Shoot (King's Ransom); Catherine talks her way past the doorman. (This clip dubbed in German.)

File 2kingsr-db : 6.9sec. 160 x 120 : as .avi (2887k) or .mp4 (423k) or .flv

From the film Drive; As the driver drives, the passenger daydreams.

File dr3_160b: 26.0sec. 160 x 120 : as .avi (1868k) or .mp4 (417k) or .flv

From the Dream on series episode called And Sheep are Nervous. Martin (Brian Benben) was picked up in the supermarket by the gorgeous Mary. She invited herself back to his apartment to cook dinner for him. Now, after coffee, he thinks that things have progressed a little too well and that Mary is about to "bludgeon him" and steal everything he owns.

File dreamd: 23.4sec. 160 x 120 : as .avi (1758k) or .mp4 (360k) or .flv

From the film Vamp; Amaretto sucks a bloodied finger. Vampire or Vamp?

File vamp2a : 14.2sec. 160 x 120 : as .avi (1523k) or .mp4 (220k) or .flv

From the Hotel series episode Child's Play; Angela warns her movie-in-movie co-star about getting sentimental.

MPG1 format. Duration = 6 seconds. Audio = 48,000Hz

File: hotel-3-14-jobtodo.mpg. (1142k)



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